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Место расположения СКБ ВТ "Искра"


«ISKRA» is the leading company on electronic cash register
and kiosk markets of Russia with more than 900 service centers
across the country. Founded in 1952, it is the assignee of GSKTB
on designing computing machines. The title of special-purpose
computer design bureau «ISKRA» was assigned in 1992.

The history of the company starts in 1952 when the State special designer technological office of computer engineering (GSKTB) – a unique enterprise working in the field of computer facilities for a national economy was founded. In early sixties the company develops the first dot-matrix printer. Then, in 80-s – the first domestic IBM-compatible computer is developed and introduced into series production.

In 90-s one of main lines of activities of the company becomes development of electronic cash registers, which has acquired a special importance on a new coil of development of a national economy. «ISKRA» became ideologist and developer of fiscal printer, which at once has won popularity among the consumers.

Experience, knowledge and high professionalism of «ISKRA» team have made it capable of implementing of any project, going all the way from an idea to the mass production, conducting hardware engineering, software design, programming and production works.


Today ISKRA offers dozens of original products and develompents, and cash register machines is only one of many business profiles of the company.

The others are informational and payment self-service sensor kiosks, automated cash deposit machines, all-in-one PCs, portable cash regiters and automated delivery complexes (automated parcel terminals).

The company has more than 950 certified service centers across Russian Federation and General Partners in most regions of the country.

ISKRA is a technological partner of the largest companies and enterprises of Russian Federation


Russian Post, Sberbank, Uralo-Sibirsky Bank, Moskow Industrial Bank, Lukoil, Slavneft, Tatneft, Rosneft, TNK-BP, Neste, Russial Railways and many more.


Wincor Nixdorf, NCR, Epson, Star, Axiohm, Samsung and a number of enterprises from Kazakhstan and Republic of Belarus.


Company title

Open Joint-stock Company ISKRA Special-purpose Computer Design Bureau

Postal address

111, Grazhdansky avenue, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, 195265
tel. 7-812-532-04-39
fax 7-812-532-48-07

Company Management

Mikhail Mostovoy
tel.: 7-812-532-71-76
fax: 7-812-532-48-07
e-mail: kkt@iskra-kkm.ru

Marina Yaroshevskaya
tel.: 7-812-532-04-39
fax: 7-812-532-48-07
e-mail: kkt@iskra-kkm.ru

Development Director of Department
Oleg Soldatov
tel.: 7-812-531-12-07
fax: 7-812-532-48-07
e-mail: soldatov@iskra-kkm.ru

Sales and Regional Partners Chief of Department
Igor Volfson
tel.: 7-812-336-64-06 (multi-channel)
fax: 7-812-336-64-06
e-mail: volfson@iskra-kkm.ru

Cash Register Machines Chief of Department
Alexander Skvortsov
tel.: 7-812-532-20-98
fax: 7-812-532-48-07
e-mail: support@iskra-kkm.ru

Deputy Chief of Department
Vitaly Kolesnikov
tel.: 7-812-532-20-98
fax: 7-812-532-48-07
e-mail: kolesnikov@iskra-kkm.ru

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